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Gratitude Journal 20101125

I am thankful for or that

  1. My daughter, GAB cooking green bean casserole from scratch!
  2. LEB cooking Macaroni and cheese from scratch!
  3. My son, CIB baking an apple pie from scratch!
  4. LEB driving us to ATL to my mom’s house.
  5. All the other food that my mom and sister cooked!
  6. BillD helping me figure out and solve the email/spam problem that was killing our customer email platform.
  7. High speed internet and wireless networking.
  8. Money to buy a Honey Baked Ham.
  9. LEB driving us home to Greenville, SC from ATL.
  10. A day spent with family.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Working diligently on my problems on the job.
  2. Staying awake with LEB during the second half of the drive home.
  3. Loading up the car to come home.
  4. Doing some laundry.
  5. Taking a shower.
  6. Taking a walk at the rest stop on the way to ATL.
  7. Reading personal development books.
  8. Taking out the garbage and recycle.
  9. Drinking lots of water.
  10. Resting when I could.

Gratitude Journal 20090620

I am thankful for or that

  1. Being able to swim.
  2. The neighborhood pool.
  3. A chance to take a nap.
  4. Getting home from Charlotte, NC safely.
  5. GAB being willing to help with the fundraiser car wash for her band.
  6. LEB, CIB and MJB helping with the church house refurb project.
  7. High speed internet, cell phones, instant messenger, email, VNC, VPN, & remote desktop, all of which let me work remotely.
  8. A hot, sunny day.
  9. Sun screen.
  10. Clean, hot water for showers.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Recognizing I needed a nap and taking one.
  2. Answering pages in a timely fashion.
  3. Going swimming with the family.
  4. Eating dinner with the family.
  5. Having open and honest if painful discussions with LEB.
  6. Reading 10+ pages of a personal development book, Mindset.
  7. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material from
  8. Hanging up the towels after we went swimming.
  9. Being willing to turn off the TV so LEB could sleep peacefully.
  10. Going back to Port City Java in CLT and asking for my breakfast receipt before leaving town.

Gratitude Journal 20090619

I am thankful for or that

  1. Being alive.
  2. A hot summer day.
  3. Money to buy gas to drive to Charlotte, NC.
  4. NuVox paying for my hotel room.
  5. LEB allowing me to use her laptop.
  6. Citrix.
  7. VNC.
  8. The public library.
  9. A fine meal at Blue.
  10. Turbulence Training.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Working out.
  2. Driving to Charlotte.
  3. Bringing our dog, Shadow, in out of the heat.
  4. Doing laundry.
  5. Running the dishwasher.
  6. Finishing Financial Peace.
  7. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material from
  8. Taking the bus to work.
  9. Waiting patiently for LEB to finish up at work.
  10. Being willing to work late at night.

Gratitude Journal 20090317

I am thankful for or that:

  1. Having money to buy green Mountain Dew for the Green Food Day at work.
  2. LEB got a ride to the airport for her trip.
  3. That all the kids got home safely from school.
  4. Lot’s of free food.
  5. That the soda was on sale – 8L for $3!
  6. Money to buy some coffee during out off site team meeting at Coffee Underground.
  7. Money to buy pizza for dinner.
  8. GAB for making salad.
  9. GAB working out with me Turbulence Training style.
  10. Watching The Biggest Loser with GAB and CIB.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing my workout.
  2. Taking care of MJB who is not feeling well.
  3. Making sure we had dinner.
  4. Helping LEB with her online airline ticket stuff.
  5. Washing a load of clothes.
  6. Taking a shower before bed.
  7. Walking over 15K steps.
  8. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material, The Slight Edge.
  9. Swishing-n-swiping the master bathroom.
  10. Doing my interval training even though it meant missing the 1st 20 minutes of The Biggest Loser.

Gratitude Journal 20090206-20090210

This gratitude journal will cover the last several days. I was off the net 20090206-20090208 and really just didn’t get back into my rhythm until today.

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB and I made drove to and from Hilton Head safely.
  2. All the people who made the World Wide Marriage Encounter possible.
  3. LEB’s niece LET for coming to stay with the kids while we were gone.
  4. My dad’s friend, J, for helping him at the hospital.
  5. Dad got to come home from the hospital.
  6. The nurse who caught the infection at the site of PAH’s surgical wound.
  7. Money to treat LEB and myself to a wonderful dinner at Redfish Restaurant.
  8. LEB picking me up from St. Francis where I walked after getting off the bus.
  9. Greenville Transit Authority.
  10. All the folks who make The Biggest Loser possible.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Washing lots of dishes.
  2. Doing lots of laundry.
  3. Cleaning the master bathroom.
  4. Being open to and caring enough about my marriage to attend the WWME.
  5. Doing my Turbulence Training workout before leaving for Hilton Head and the WWME.
  6. Not being rule-bound and doing some of our writing and discussion outside during the WWME.
  7. Reconnecting with the kids when we got home.
  8. Watching The Biggest Loser with GAB and CIB.
  9. Being firm with MJB.
  10. Going to bed at a decent hour.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I first saw Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert months ago in the new books display at the local public library. I put it on my list of books to read, but forgot about it. Then I saw it listed on one of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, but still didn’t pick it up. Then my wife, LEB, started reading it. The third time was the charm and once she finished reading it I read it.

LEB and I talked about it a little before I read it. She said some of her female colleagues at work disliked the book and only read the first few chapters because they thought it was too whiny. I did not feel that, I felt Gilbert accurately described depression and classic codependent behavior. I think that those who described it as whining must have never experienced depression themselves or been close to someone in the depths of depression. If they had, they must not really have understood what was happening. Depression is an illness, not the fault of the individual. And most people have no control over it without intervention of medicine and perhaps the skills that can be imparted by cognitive therapy. In fact it has been shown that in depressed people the brain is physcially not functioning properly, see Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Dr. Daniel G Amen.

Anyway, back to the book. After an interminable, contentious even viscious divorce Gilbert departs on a year long journey around the world. She divides her trip into three sections and three countries: Italy, India and Indonesia. She decides to experience pleasure in Italy gorging herself on wonderful Italian food and wine, diving into the sensuality of the surroundings. Her descriptions of place, food and folk make me long to be in Italy. In fact, I could read a passage, close my eyes and be there. Surprisingly, or maybe not if recall the Epicurean philosophers of Greece, Gilbert learns a lot about herself in Italy.

The next stop is India at the ashram of her Indian Guru. Here she explores devotion and seeks closeness to God. Again, I can see and feel in my minds eye and body the 3AM meditative chanting and the devotional scrubbing of the floors, which is her job of service for most of her stay. I never much considered visiting an Indian ashram, but perhaps I should.

Last stop is Bali, Indonesia where the author seeks to balance the two extremes of pure pleasure from Italy and ascetic, devotion in the Indian ashram. Again the scenes and interactions with people are perfectly depicted. I can imagine myself partaking of the expat life in Bali.

I haven’t described them, but the book is filled with wonderful characters that Elizabeth meets along the way. She is the type of person who makes friends easily and quickly wherever she may go. This is a talent, a skill of which I am most envious.

All in all, this is a great book. Pick it up and read it, you won’t be disappointed.