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Gratitude Journal 20110221

I am thankful for or that

  1. A beautiful, sunny, 70°F day.
  2. Money to buy lunch for myself and a friend at Trio.
  3. Money to pay a neighbor Girl Scout for cookies.
  4. The Worm Catcher’s Group.
  5. WordPress.
  6. Pidgin.
  7. Gas to drive to work.
  8. Finding my Motorola Droid.
  9. The ability to walk.
  10. Google.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Getting to the Worm Catcher’s Group meeting on time.
  2. Volunteering to run the Worm Catcher’s Group meeting on Thursday.
  3. Eating a big, chicken salad for lunch.
  4. Picking up LEB from work.
  5. Stopping at Play It Again Sports to look at some equipment.
  6. Scanning some medical receipts.
  7. Helping GAB’s friend K to load music on her LG Android powered phone.
  8. Making coffee.
  9. Taking a shower.
  10. Keeping this journal.