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Gratitude Journal 20090612

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB dropping me off at the bus stop.
  2. Greenville Transit Authority.
  3. LEB taking Shadow to the vet.
  4. LEB picking me up from work.
  5. A relatively, slow day at work.
  6. LEB and GAB cooking dinner.
  7. A warm, sunny day.
  8. The peace and quiet at the cemetery across the street from where I work.
  9. Books from the public library.
  10. Air conditioning.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Listening to Holosync The Dive 3 of the last 4 nights.
  2. Reading 10+ pages of a personal development book, Mindset.
  3. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material.
  4. Keeping this journal.
  5. Washing dishes.
  6. Folding clothes.
  7. Finishing a 24 hour fast.
  8. Working out.
  9. Finishing Fault Line.
  10. Riding the bus to work.

Gratitude Journal 20090317

I am thankful for or that:

  1. Having money to buy green Mountain Dew for the Green Food Day at work.
  2. LEB got a ride to the airport for her trip.
  3. That all the kids got home safely from school.
  4. Lot’s of free food.
  5. That the soda was on sale – 8L for $3!
  6. Money to buy some coffee during out off site team meeting at Coffee Underground.
  7. Money to buy pizza for dinner.
  8. GAB for making salad.
  9. GAB working out with me Turbulence Training style.
  10. Watching The Biggest Loser with GAB and CIB.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing my workout.
  2. Taking care of MJB who is not feeling well.
  3. Making sure we had dinner.
  4. Helping LEB with her online airline ticket stuff.
  5. Washing a load of clothes.
  6. Taking a shower before bed.
  7. Walking over 15K steps.
  8. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material, The Slight Edge.
  9. Swishing-n-swiping the master bathroom.
  10. Doing my interval training even though it meant missing the 1st 20 minutes of The Biggest Loser.

Lose That Sixth Grader!

I’ve decided to track my progress towards my goal of weighing 200 pounds with 10% or less bodyfat at my new blog Lose That Sixth Grader.


My Heaviest Weight Ever

Wow! I’m at my heaviest weight ever. If the scale I bought at WalMart is to be believed I weigh 262 pounds. I’m only 5 feet 9 inches tall. According to this chart I should be no heavier than 176 pounds. I lifted weights, heavy weights from elementary school up until about 10 years ago so I do have more muscle mass than the average person, but since I didn’t change my eating habits after I quit lifting due to an injury and a bad attitude, I’ve gained 40 pounds.

I’m nearly 100 pounds over the “ideal” weight for a person my height. That’s almost like I’m carrying around another person. I remember in fifth grade I was 5′ or 5’1″ and about 100 pounds. So, I’m carrying a fifth grader around with me all day every day!

At the beginning of the summer I started having knee problems. For the months before that I had been walking 5 to 7 days a week and doing some bodyweight exercises, mainly Combat Conditioning, and tai-chi. I was getting in shape. The knee pain severely curtailed my activity which led to more weight gain. Then near the end of the summer as the pain was subsiding, I really injured my knee. That resulted in surgery and more inactivity until I started physical therapy. Did that for about two months, but it mainly focused on my knee and lower body.

I started to do the 100 Pushups training program, but decided I need to do more of an all around workout. I had been toying with the idea of following Turbulence Training for many months. The inventor of TT, Craig Ballantyne, published the book Just Say No to Cardio which I bought. This also gave me access to his membership site and many of the workouts he has devised. I downloaded several. So, on Saturday 20081206, I started my Turbulence Training Odyssey to a slimmer me. Yesterday I read Eat Stop Eat and will follow that plan, too.

Here are all the workouts I’ve done so far. I’m starting from ground zero as if I was a totaly sedentary person, which I nearly am seeing as how I work in front of a computer all day every day.


Intro Level Workout Week 1 Day 1 Workout A
All of the exercises are done in superset or circuit fashion.
Warmup A) Lying Hip Extension 2×5
Warmup B) Kneeling Pushup 2×5
Warmup C) Stability Ball Leg Curl 2×5

1A) Lying Hip Extension 2×5
1B) Plank 2X15 secs

2A) Bodyweight Squat 2×10
2B) Bird Dog 2×5/side

3A) Kneeling Pushups 2×8
3B) Side Plank 2×5 secs / side

4A) Stick-ups 2×10
4B) Ab Curl-up 2×6

Beginner Interval Workout A, full 20 minutes on stationary bike with arm pump handles.


I took my Black German Shepherd/Chow mutt, Shadow for a 30 minute walk. He is 1 yr. old and full of energy and not really used to the leash. He gave me a workout!


While at work I took two 15 minute breaks and walked 6 blocks during each of those breaks.


Warmup A) Lying Hip Extension 2×5
Warmup B) Kneeling Pushup 2×5
Warmup C) Stability Ball Leg Curl 2×5

1A) Step-ups 2×8 / side
1B) Stick-ups 2X12

2A) Stability Ball Leg Curl 2×8
2B) Kneeling Pushups 2×8/side

3A) Prisoner Squats 2×10
3B) Side Plank 2×10 secs / side

Beginner Interval Workout A, full 20 minutes on stationary bike with arm pump handles.

That’s it so far. I’ll continue with light activity of walking Thursday and Friday before routine A on Saturday. I won’t eat from 6PM today until 6PM tomorrow. I’ll fast again Friday 6PM to Saturday 6PM. The pounds will melt away. I won’t post the workouts in such detail again. Just wanted to give you all an idea of what I’m doing.