Gratitude Journal 20110224

I am thankful for or that

  1. Marshall attending the Worm Catcher’s Group.
  2. LEB cooking dinner.
  3. LEB bringing MJB home from the after school program early.
  4. A beautiful, sunny day.
  5. Mr. GH helping with our insurance claim for the roof.
  6. Being granted the claim, we’re getting a ROOF!
  7. Money to buy some doughnuts for the Worm Catcher’s Group meeting.
  8. Gas to drive around town as needed.
  9. LEB doing some grocery shopping.
  10. Money to buy my prescriptions.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing laundry.
  2. Working with Mr. GH on the claim for our roof.
  3. Helping GAB with her log in to NC A&T computer systems.
  4. Washing dishes.
  5. Taking action on the Verizon bill and upgrading the plan.
  6. Realizing the kids could have 75MB data plans for the same price as 10MB plans.
  7. Connecting my new manager from hW to the people he needed information from on the lN side.
  8. Keeping this journal.
  9. Picking up GAB from track practice on time!
  10. Checking with MJB to make sure his homework was done.

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