Gratitude Journal 20110223

I am thankful for or that

  1. My company pays for Oracle hardware and software support.
  2. Finding a kindred spirit on the hW side of the house.
  3. The opportunity to make change in the W environment.
  4. SharePoint wiki as it is much better than DocuShare.
  5. A beautiful, sunny, cool day.
  6. My friend CAW.
  7. Having prescription medical coverage via Express-Scripts.
  8. Leftovers for lunch and dinner.
  9. Money to buy breakfast.
  10. The public library.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Creating documentation in the soon to be deprecated wiki.
  2. Raising the question of creating a team wiki for the hW side.
  3. Taking CIB to the library.
  4. Performing several therapies on my back.
  5. Working diligently to solve problems on the job.
  6. Helping people who asked me for help.
  7. Eating paleo style nearly all day.
  8. Taking care of problems w/ my prescriptions.
  9. Keeping in touch with GH about the roof replacement.
  10. Reading 10 pages each of The Way of Zen and Why I’m Not a Christian.

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