Gratitude Journal 20110219

I am thankful for or that

  1. A beautiful sunny day.
  2. All the volunteer coaches & staff that made MJB’s Upwards basketball league possible.
  3. MJB’s team won their final game.
  4. MJB had a great performance in the game.
  5. LEB cooking dinner.
  6. The McA’s letting their son JMcA come over to spend the afternoon w/ MJB.
  7. LEB raking up a bunch of leaves.
  8. Our working washer and dryer.
  9. The massage pad & hand held shiatsu massager.
  10. All the ice produced by the ice machine.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Going to MJB’s basketball game.
  2. Watching a movie with MJB.
  3. Performing various therapies on my back.
  4. Doing some Prasara yoga.
  5. Doing a lot of laundry.
  6. Drinking lots of water.
  7. Making the coffee.
  8. Moving for with the project to get our roof replaced.
  9. Trashing a lot of old papers.
  10. Taking my prescriptions.

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