Gratitude Journal 20101217

I am thankful for or that

  1. GAB taking MJB to a basketball game.
  2. GAB and MJB got home safely.
  3. CIB’s opportunity to go to the NC mountains with friends for the weekend.
  4. The Furman Faculty Christmas party.
  5. Money to fill the van with gas.
  6. Our Christmas lunch, organized wonderfully by MG.
  7. A warmer, winter day.
  8. NBA basketball on TV.
  9. Electricity.
  10. Our van can use E-85 which is $0.20 per gallon cheaper than regular unleaded gas.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing laundry.
  2. Garbage duty.
  3. Standing my ground in a minor dispute at work.
  4. Going to the Furman Faculty Christmas party with LEB.
  5. Being sociable.
  6. Taking my prescriptions.
  7. Keeping this journal.
  8. Being encouraging to others using the FLYLady system.
  9. Showering and shaving.
  10. Not consuming alcohol at the party.

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