Gratitude Journal 20101126

I am thankful for or that

  1. Rain.
  2. A parking spot close to the office on a cool, rainy morning.
  3. My unlimited text plan from Verizon.
  4. LEB’s reawakened hotness.
  5. Being able to go back to sleep after taking GAB to work.
  6. Money to buy food.
  7. The ability to walk.
  8. All of the technical documentation available on the web, particularly for NetApps.
  9. A warm, dry house on a cold, damp night.
  10. LEB picking up GAB from work.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing laundry.
  2. Fulfilling my on call responsibilities for work.
  3. Eating leftovers.
  4. Taking several short walks through out the day.
  5. Taking my prescriptions.
  6. Putting off impulse purchases.
  7. Turning off the Alabama vs Auburn football game and going to an AA meeting.
  8. Sharing during the meeting.
  9. Doing personal development reading.
  10. Going to bed early.

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