Gratitude Journal 20101025

I am thankful for or that

  1. Gas to drive around town.
  2. Money to buy lunch.
  3. Rain.
  4. Some sunny parts or the day.
  5. Tai Chi class presented by Equilibrium Zen Gym in Cleveland Park.
  6. A body in good enough shape to allow me to run, walk and do tai chi.
  7. LEB cooking dinner.
  8. Shadow, our dog, does not have hip displaysia.
  9. Coffee.
  10. Fresh water to drink.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing laundry.
  2. Going to play Tai Chi in the park after work, though I was really not wanting to go.
  3. Walking.
  4. Putting away the dinner leftovers.
  5. Picking up GAB from practice and MJB  from afterschool.
  6. Taking a shower before bed.
  7. Brushing my teeth before bed.
  8. Taking trash & recyclables out.
  9. Getting in touch w/ my siblings.
  10. Keeping in touch on my niece, SMT.

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