Gratitude Journal 20100920

I am thankful for or that

  1. The gift of life today.
  2. The ability to walk.
  3. The ability to drive.
  4. That a careless driver didn’t run into me and pin me to my car today.
  5. Dinner leftovers for lunch.
  6. Fresh fruit for breakfast.
  7. LEB, my wife, running some errands for me.
  8. Money to pay my bills.
  9. A beautiful autumn day.
  10. My family and friends.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Making the bed.
  2. Making the coffee.
  3. Washing, drying & folding 2 loads of laundry.
  4. Taking the trash and recyclables out.
  5. Walking the long way around, 10 minutes & 0.5 miles, to work.
  6. Keeping this journal.
  7. Paying bills.
  8. Eating fresh fruit for breakfast.
  9. Taking my medicines.
  10. Drinking water.

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