Gratitude Journal 20100917

I am thankful for or that

  1. Waking up this morning.
  2. A beautiful fall day.
  3. Our new washing machine.
  4. LEB taking the van to get AC fixed.
  5. Lounge Radio.
  6. My friends.
  7. Being able to walk.
  8. My Moto Droid phone.
  9. Seeing my children this morning.
  10. Fuel to drive.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Making the bed.
  2. Making coffee.
  3. Washing, drying and folding a load of clothes.
  4. Rolling the trash down to the street.
  5. Walking the long way to work.
  6. Taking my medicines.
  7. Keeping this journal.
  8. Giving our dog water.
  9. Taking a shower.
  10. Smiling and saying hello to people I pass on the street.

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