Cell Phone Provider Stupidity

The T Mobile contract we had for my wife’s phone was up. The kids and I are on Verizon. I wanted a Droid. So ported my wife’s number to Verizon and added a new line to get my Droid for the low, low. Her phone was on T-Mobile for 13 days that month but we get a $50.59 bill, which is more than the regular monthly bill. So I just called T-Mobile and explained the situation, at least as much as they needed to know.

T Mobile: “That should have been pro-rated but since you canceled in the middle of the month we charge you the whole month.”
Me: “What?”
T Mobile: “Let me check with my manager and see what we can do.”
Me: Thinking how can you pro-rate and charge for the whole month? What sense does that make. If they don’t straighten this out I’ll be calling my Pre-Paid Legal Law Firm.
T Mobile: “As a courtesy we will pro-rate the bill.”

Final bill $23.60 instead of $50.59. I’ll stop by a T Mobile shop and pay it tomorrow as she said it would take 24 hours. Why does it take 24 hours to do anything by computer? I guess they do some sort of batched daily bill run instead of on demand updates. It had better be correct. I should have recorded the call. At least I didn’t have to fight about it.


One Comment to “Cell Phone Provider Stupidity”

  1. That is really bogus. It is amazing how the most simple things take a lot of time and energy to complete. I hope the bill is corrected and you can leave T-Mobile alone. I like their phone lineup and pricing, but it’s not worth it if they shaft customers like that.

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