Gratitude Journal 20090708

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB cooking dinner.
  2. The Veritas-HA mailing list.
  3. The public library without which we would not be able to keep enough new books for CIB to read.
  4. Money to buy breakfast.
  5. All the resources available on the Internet and easy search of those resources via Google.
  6. LEB recognizing and telling me that she could see that I’m slimming down.
  7. Being able to walk.
  8. Help from my colleague AL to pack 110 pound servers back into boxes for shipping to a remote site.
  9. LEB taking the boys to get hair cuts.
  10. Money for gas for all the driving around we do.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Diligently searching for answers to my Veritas-HA configuration problems.
  2. Going to sleep early.
  3. Reading 10+ pages of a personal development book, How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!
  4. Listening to 30+ minutes of How To Build The Network Marketing Business YOU Really Want!
  5. Taking a couple of walking breaks durig the day.
  6. Doing laundry.
  7. Making our bed.
  8. Giving the master bathroom a Swish-n-Swipe.
  9. Eating dinner with the family.
  10. Keeping this journal.

2 Comments to “Gratitude Journal 20090708”

  1. Hello Charles,

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    • Michael, I’ve been on call this week and super busy. I haven’t been on my blog at all. I would love to try out your site and provide feedback.

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