Gratitude Journal 20090626

I am thankful for or that

  1. Patient help from my colleague RS.
  2. Fresh water and ice from the machines at work.
  3. LEB cooking breakfast.
  4. SM coming to visit.
  5. SM bringing lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to share with us.
  6. Sweet watermelon and peaches.
  7. Air conditioning on a hot day.
  8. GAB cleaning the hall bathroom.
  9. GAB washing dishes.
  10. GAB putting away the leftover food from dinner.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Keeping this journal.
  2. Going to sleep early.
  3. Working diligently all day to rebuild a server.
  4. Doing laundry.
  5. Making our bed.
  6. Keeping this journal.
  7. Tracking my time at work.
  8. Reading for pleasure.
  9. Having dinner with the family.
  10. Responding to comments on this blog.

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