Gratitude Journal 20090623

I am thankful for or that

  1. Dad sending me some money for Father’s Day. Quite unexpected!
  2. Mojitos Restaurant.
  3. LEB getting the AC fixed in the van.
  4. The public library.
  5. Turbulence Training.
  6. GAB cooking dinner.
  7. Air Conditioning.
  8. My cell phone.
  9. WordPress.
  10. A sunny day.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Taking LEB out for dinner and drinks at Mojitos.
  2. Working out.
  3. Reading 10+ pages of a personal development book, How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!
  4. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material from
  5. Going to sleep early.
  6. Taking my prescriptions.
  7. Working out.
  8. Getting caught up on my time keeping for work.
  9. Doing laundry.
  10. Keeping this journal.

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