Gratitude Journal 20090611

I am thankful for or that

  1. Our home was not damaged in the severe thunderstorms.
  2. We had gas to drive up Paris Mountain to pick up CIB from Camp Buckhorn.
  3. I had money to buy dinner for us at Krystal.
  4. Air conditioning.
  5. Getting to watch some of the NBA championship games.
  6. CIB had a great time at Camp Buckhorn.
  7. CIB being home with us.
  8. LEB picking me up from work.
  9. All of my kids, GAB, CIB, and MJB.
  10. Books from the public library.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing laundry, a load a day keeps the CHAOS away.
  2. Doing a Swish-n-Swipe of the master bathroom.
  3. Going to bed at a decent hour.
  4. Reading 10+ pages of a personal development book, Mindset.
  5. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material.
  6. Buying dinner for the family.
  7. Offering to and driving home after work.
  8. Driving home from Camp Buckhorn.
  9. Helping carry CIB’s gear from his cabin to the van.
  10. Taking my prescriptions and supplements.

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