Gratitude Journal 20090406

I am thankful for or that

  1. Forgiveness and acceptance from my friends and business partners particularly WT, VW, DD, DS and TW.
  2. The core training for my business.
  3. Cell phones.
  4. That VW came to training last night.
  5. That DD went to training in FL last night.
  6. Watching the 2nd half of the  NCAA Men’s Basketball championship with GAB.
  7. Money to buy breakfast.
  8. Fruit & leftover salad for lunch.
  9. Gas to drive about town.
  10. A sunny, if cool and windy, spring day.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Exposing two people to my business.
  2. Going to the core training.
  3. Beginning and keeping to a 24 hour fast.
  4. LEB giving me a ride to and from work.
  5. Walking over 12K steps.
  6. Doing a load of laundry.
  7. Putting away the dinner leftover w/o eating any!
  8. Making up the bed.
  9. Packing my lunch.
  10. Getting back in touch with the repairman ice machine still not working.

One Comment to “Gratitude Journal 20090406”

  1. LOL, a lot of what makes life good is the little things, I think.

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