Gratitude Journal 20090328

I am thankful for or that

  1. Rain.
  2. Being able to go to a big event for my business.
  3. Money to buy gas for the van.
  4. The genuine warmth with which my friends and business partners welcomed me back.
  5. GAB’s friend J coming over to help her prime the walls of her bedroom.
  6. LEB cooking dinner.
  7. The rain finally stopped!
  8. Hot water for showers.
  9. The fan in our bedroom.
  10. Watching the NCAA men’s basketball tournament with the family on TV.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Stepping out of my comfort zone and starting my business anew.
  2. Helping to set up for the business event.
  3. Doing laundry.
  4. Making the bed.
  5. Taking out the garbage.
  6. Taking out the recyclables.
  7. Taking a shower before bed.
  8. Working out Turbulence Training style.
  9. Wearing my pedometer.
  10. Brushing my teeth before bed.

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