Gratitude Journal 20090323

I am thankful for or that

  1. Leftover beef stew and cornbread for lunch.
  2. Raisin bran and bananas for breakfast.
  3. LEB cooking spaghetti for dinner.
  4. Having gas to take GAB her youth group meeting at church.
  5. Dhani Tackles the Globe on the Travel Channel.
  6. NCAA and NIT basketball tournaments on TV.
  7. A comfortable bed.
  8. A sunny, warm spring day.
  9. Encouragement from the folks on the TT Members forum.
  10. A lead for my business from Dr. DSM.

i acknowledge myself for

  1. Running the dishwasher before bed.
  2. Going to bed early.
  3. Turning off the TV and reading before falling asleep.
  4. Working diligently on a multitude of tasks while at work.
  5. Being downstairs and waiting when LEB pulled up to pick me up form work.
  6. LEB giving me a ride to and from work.
  7. Watching basketball w/ MJB and CIB.
  8. Driving GAB to her youth group meeting.
  9. Taking my lunch to work.
  10. Eating breakfast.

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