Gratitude Journal 20090322

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB cooking dinner.
  2. GAB doing the grocery shopping.
  3. CIB and CL riding bikes and playing in the neighborhood.
  4. Having a basketball goal.
  5. A warm, spring day.
  6. My pedometer.
  7. A nice neighborhood to walk in.
  8. Clean water.
  9. Our church.
  10. Money to buy breakfast at church.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Buying the family breakfast at church.
  2. Playing basketball w/ MJB.
  3. Making the bed.
  4. Getting showered before bed.
  5. Going for a walk.
  6. Keeping this journal.
  7. Regularly updating Lose That Sixth Grader.
  8. Going to church.
  9. Going to Lowe’s with LEB and SJM rather than waiting for them at church.
  10. Going to bed at a decent hour.

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