Gratitude Journal 20090321

I am thankful for or that

  1. Having the ingredients to make beef stew.
  2. Our laundry washing and drying machines.
  3. LEB making the first pot of coffee.
  4. Leftovers for lunch.
  5. GAB working out with me.
  6. A warm, sunny day.
  7. Being able to workout outside.
  8. Quiet time alone.
  9. Being able to watch the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament games with the family.
  10. Everyone enjoyed dinner.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Working out.
  2. Doing laundry.
  3. Making the bed.
  4. Cooking dinner.
  5. Encouraging GAB during and after our workout.
  6. Meditating with Holosync.
  7. Apologizing for speaking harshly to LEB.
  8. Keeping this journal.
  9. Taking a shower before bed.
  10. Brushing my teeth before bed.

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