Gratitude Journal 20090317

I am thankful for or that:

  1. Having money to buy green Mountain Dew for the Green Food Day at work.
  2. LEB got a ride to the airport for her trip.
  3. That all the kids got home safely from school.
  4. Lot’s of free food.
  5. That the soda was on sale – 8L for $3!
  6. Money to buy some coffee during out off site team meeting at Coffee Underground.
  7. Money to buy pizza for dinner.
  8. GAB for making salad.
  9. GAB working out with me Turbulence Training style.
  10. Watching The Biggest Loser with GAB and CIB.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing my workout.
  2. Taking care of MJB who is not feeling well.
  3. Making sure we had dinner.
  4. Helping LEB with her online airline ticket stuff.
  5. Washing a load of clothes.
  6. Taking a shower before bed.
  7. Walking over 15K steps.
  8. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material, The Slight Edge.
  9. Swishing-n-swiping the master bathroom.
  10. Doing my interval training even though it meant missing the 1st 20 minutes of The Biggest Loser.

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