Gratitude Journal 20090306

I am thankful for or that

  1. A warm late winter day.
  2. The Lenten Fridays fish fry at church.
  3. LEB buying us dinner.
  4. Coffee Underground.
  5. Money to buy beer to go along with the fish dinner.
  6. Facebook.
  7. Mrs. JM having the boys over for dinner along w/ her son J and their friend C.
  8. All the kids got home safely from school.
  9. Being able to give GAB and her friend S a ride to school.
  10. Being able to walk around lovely downtown Greenville, SC.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Working diligently on my DNS project at work.
  2. Taking a break with my team members.
  3. Watching The Clone Wars with GAB, CIB and MJB.
  4. Making the bed.
  5. Drinking 2+ liters of H2O.
  6. Listening to 30+ minutes of personal development material.
  7. Taking out the garbage.
  8. Giving MJB his medicine.
  9. Making sure MJB got showered before bed.
  10. Making sure MJB went to bed at a decent hour.

2 Comments to “Gratitude Journal 20090306”

  1. facebook! aint it a blessing? 🙂

    • @ummadam Strangely enough facebook is a blessing because I’ve reconnected with a lot of old friends.

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