Gratitude Journal 20090301-20090302

I am thankful for or that

  1. A working fire place and fire wood.
  2. All the Duke Energy crews who worked so hard to restore power to thousands after the 1 March 2009 snow & ice storm.
  3. Blankets and sleeping bags.
  4. Money to buy food at restaurants while our power was out.
  5. Sunshine to melt the snow and ice.
  6. Electricity.
  7. Hot showers.
  8. Some parts of town still had power.
  9. Cell phones.
  10. Furman Library being open part of the day on 20090302 so LEB & the kids & CIB’s friend RB could warm up and use computers, etc.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Driving safely in the snow and ice.
  2. Using the times I drove in the snow and ice to instruct GAB.
  3. Going to get firewood Sunday night.
  4. Keeping the fire going so we were warm in the den.
  5. Taking a shower last night before bed.
  6. Watching basketball on TV last night with MJB.
  7. Going to work for half a day.
  8. Changing the towels & sheets in the master bedroom and bathroom.
  9. Doing a yoga workout on Sunday.
  10. Doing lots of help desk tickets at work.

2 Comments to “Gratitude Journal 20090301-20090302”

  1. I saw a lot of snow and ice even here in Australia on tv ….that was New York.
    Is that where you are too?
    And I’m glad you are safe and warm.
    Gorgeous weather here for Autumn ..and today I’m meeting a friend I met on the internet 9 years ago for the first time, he and his partner have arrived from Nova Scotia, Canada!

    • @Sarah Lulu – No, I live in Greenville, SC. It’s very unusual for us to get snow at all, let alone on March 1st. It’s cool that you’re getting together with your long time online friends! Hope you guys have a blast.

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