Gratitude Journal 20090226

I am thankful for or that

  1. Time to discuss some personal issues with my manager at work.
  2. GAB cooking dinner.
  3. All of the documentation for BIND available on line.
  4. CIB’s friend C coming over to play.
  5. Money for food.
  6. Gas for driving around.
  7. LEB being willing to work outside of the home.
  8. A reasonably warm day.
  9. Our van.
  10. All the kids got home safely from school.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Rolling the garbage down to the street last night.
  2. Picking up LEB from work.
  3. Helping GAB w/ the turkey.
  4. Making sure MJB got clean and to bed on time.
  5. Loading dishes into the dish washing machine.
  6. Retrieving the mail from the mail box.
  7. Working diligently on my DNS project at work.
  8. Helping out the DBAs with a scripting problem at work.
  9. Going to sleep before midnight.
  10. Finishing The Power of Less.

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