Gratitude Journal 20090206-20090210

This gratitude journal will cover the last several days. I was off the net 20090206-20090208 and really just didn’t get back into my rhythm until today.

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB and I made drove to and from Hilton Head safely.
  2. All the people who made the World Wide Marriage Encounter possible.
  3. LEB’s niece LET for coming to stay with the kids while we were gone.
  4. My dad’s friend, J, for helping him at the hospital.
  5. Dad got to come home from the hospital.
  6. The nurse who caught the infection at the site of PAH’s surgical wound.
  7. Money to treat LEB and myself to a wonderful dinner at Redfish Restaurant.
  8. LEB picking me up from St. Francis where I walked after getting off the bus.
  9. Greenville Transit Authority.
  10. All the folks who make The Biggest Loser possible.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Washing lots of dishes.
  2. Doing lots of laundry.
  3. Cleaning the master bathroom.
  4. Being open to and caring enough about my marriage to attend the WWME.
  5. Doing my Turbulence Training workout before leaving for Hilton Head and the WWME.
  6. Not being rule-bound and doing some of our writing and discussion outside during the WWME.
  7. Reconnecting with the kids when we got home.
  8. Watching The Biggest Loser with GAB and CIB.
  9. Being firm with MJB.
  10. Going to bed at a decent hour.

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