Gratitude Journal 20090204

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB picking me up from work.
  2. The underground area of the parking garage to walk in on a cold day.
  3. A warm house on a cold night.
  4. Great food from the restaurant in my office building.
  5. Turbulence Training.
  6. Workrave.
  7. All the kids got home safely from school.
  8. Hot, clean water for showers.
  9. Green tea.
  10. WordPress.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Working out.
  2. Taking two walk breaks during work.
  3. Starting a 24 hour fast.
  4. Moving forward with a project at work.
  5. Handling pages/alerts at work in a timely fashion.
  6. Taking a shower before bed.
  7. Putting dishes in the dishwasher.
  8. Daily reading of My Utmost for His Highest.
  9. Brushing my teeth before bed.
  10. Putting away my clothes that someone else had folded.

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