Gratitude Journal 20090131

I am thankful for or that

  1. CIB scored 8 points and his team won the basketball game!
  2. MJB had a great defensive and rebounding game and his team won the game!
  3. Seeing the sun rise.
  4. Having the ingredients to cook chili.
  5. Eat Stop Eat.
  6. A nice neighborhood to walk in.
  7. Shadow, our dog.
  8. A warm house on a cold night.
  9. A warm, sunny day.
  10. Gas to drive back and forth to the boys’ basketball games.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Getting up early.
  2. Going to both of the boys’ basketball games.
  3. Doing laundry.
  4. Cooking chili.
  5. Washing dishes.
  6. Going for two walks, 1 20 minutes and the other 30 minutes along w/ Shadow.
  7. Changing the sheets in the master bedroom.
  8. Going to bed at a decent hour.
  9. Meditating using Holosync.
  10. Taking a shower before bed.

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