Gratitude Journal 20090124

I am thankful for or that

  1. We had money for CIB’s and MJB’s basketball pictures.
  2. We had money for GAB to get her hair styled.
  3. The Gourdin’s giving GAB and MEG a ride to BM’s party.
  4. Cell phones.
  5. Directions to the location of the party so I could pick up GAB and MEG.
  6. Gas for lots of driving yesterday.
  7. LEB for cooking dinner.
  8. All the young adults at BM’s party had a fun and safe time.
  9. CIB and MJB having really good performances during their basketball games.
  10. CIB’s and MJB’s teams won their games.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Spending family time watching the boys play basketball.
  2. Eating dinner with the family.
  3. Picking up GAB and MEG from the party at midnight.
  4. Washing dishes.
  5. Washing a load of towels.
  6. Folding several loads of clothes.
  7. Going grocery shopping with LEB.
  8. Paying for the groceries.
  9. Working out.
  10. Reading 10+ pages of personal development materials.

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