Gratitude Journal 20090116

I am thankful for or that

  1. AL’s help running fiber in preparation for moving an old HP XP512 Disk Array that had not been shutdown in 8 years.
  2. JA’s help in getting the shutdown procedures for the disk array.
  3. BD got some movers to help move the 2004 pound array.
  4. BD’s excellent planning skills.
  5. A warm house on a frigid night.
  6. Money to buy some dinner.
  7. Money to put gas in the van.
  8. That CIB made it to his vacation destination in the mountains near Boone, NC safely.
  9. The blog of my new friend run4change.
  10. A late night showing of Battlestar Galactica.

I acknowlegde myself for

  1. Being prepared for the move of the disk array.
  2. Volunteering to help with the move.
  3. Making healthy food choices most of the day.
  4. Helping to shuffle around heavy raised floor tiles during the move.
  5. Keeping this journal.
  6. Staying in contact with my sisters.
  7. Helping create CIB’s packing checklist.
  8. Going to the Time Management presentation given at the Upstate SC ISSA Chapter.
  9. Getting money for GAB’s trip on 20090117.
  10. Answering comments on my various blogs.

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