Gratitude Journal 20090114

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB could take GAB to the doctor for a physical.
  2. Having dinner w/ LEB.
  3. Finally using a $25 gift certificate that we got 16 January 2008 on dinner.
  4. Top Chef.
  5. GAB staying home with the boys while LEB and I went out.
  6. Money for dinner.
  7. A warm  house on a cold night.
  8. An easy day at work.
  9. My cell phone.
  10. Our van.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Making reasonably healthy food choices.
  2. Drinking lots of H2O.
  3. Folding a load of clothes.
  4. Eating three meals.
  5. Keeping this journal.
  6. Updating my weight loss blog, Lose That Sixth Grader.
  7. Spending time alone w/ LEB.
  8. Learning to use TrueCrypt.
  9. Keeping my work email inbox at Zero.
  10. Creating documentation at work.

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