Gratitude Journal 20090106

I am thankful for or that

  1. Being able to watch The Biggest Loser.
  2. GAB watching The Biggest Loser with me.
  3. Clean, hot water to wash dishes.
  4. LEB washing some clothes.
  5. CIB and MJB getting home from playing in the neighborhood safely.
  6. My job at Nuvox.
  7. Leftovers for lunch.
  8. Having oatmeal for breakfast.
  9. Having healthy snacks.
  10. Being able to walk easily and without pain.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Taking walking breaks during my work day.
  2. Making healthy choices about food.
  3. Washing dishes after dinner.
  4. Shining my sink.
  5. Getting showered before bed.
  6. Brushing my teeth three times.
  7. Making a to do list.
  8. Finishing tasks from the list.
  9. Listening to Holosync’s The Dive for an 8th day in a row.
  10. Really working hard on a long procrastinated upon task at work.

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