Gratitude Journal 20081224

I am thankful for or that

  1. Having money to buy more presents for LEB.
  2. Having money to take the kids out for lunch while shopping.
  3. GAB driving.
  4. A warm day.
  5. My doctor.
  6. The readers of my blogs.
  7. The people working in the stores.
  8. LEB and GAB for wrapping most of the presents.
  9. Our church.
  10. A dry house, on a wet night.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Listening to and reading personal development material.
  2. Taking the kids out shopping for LEB.
  3. Letting GAB drive.
  4. Going to church.
  5. Serving as an usher at church on a moments notice.
  6. Staying up and helping get presents ready.
  7. Getting dressed to the lace up shoes.
  8. Going to the doctor.
  9. Fasting before going to the doctor.
  10. Keeping a cheerful attitude.

One Comment to “Gratitude Journal 20081224”

  1. Thank God I found this blog of yours. It reminds me of one of the greatest things one of my teachers ever taught me. Winners have an attitude of gratitude. They feel they owe everyone. Losers feel like everyone owes them. An attitude very different from gratitude. Man, thankfulness. what a refreshing thought! 🙂

    My teachers name was Willard Tate. He wrote several books and was a motivational speaker. He taught and coached basketball for many many years at Abilene Christian University where I went to school. Some of the books are; “Get what you want, and Want what you get”, “Learning to Love,” and “7 habits of a loving heart.” All very impacting on me.
    See you later.
    Great blog

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