Gratitude Journal 20081223

I am thankful for or that

  1. jcshakespeare’s idea for a traffic generating post, Gratitude Journal Is Changing My Life.
  2. Craing Ballantyne’s exercise system Turbulence Training.
  3. Twitter.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Our stationary bike.
  6. Tools to reattach the pedal to our stationary bike.
  7. The Greenville Transit Authority.
  8. My wife,LEB, my daughter,GAB, my sons, CIB and MJB.
  9. Talking to both of my sisters via Twitter.
  10. The Mast General Store.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Taking the bus when I can.
  2. Doing my Turbulence Training workout.
  3. Beginning another 24 hour fast.
  4. Encouraging one of my sisters towards her fitness and weight loss goals.
  5. Being open to the advice on food and shopping from my health professional sister.
  6. Staying up until my daughter, GAB, got home from a church function with one of her friends.
  7. Listening to my Holosync CD for a 2nd day in a row.
  8. Eating good food before my fast.
  9. Brushing my teeth before bed.
  10. Listening to and reading personal development material.

One Comment to “Gratitude Journal 20081223”

  1. Good for you! You are doing a lot of great things!


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