Gratitude Journal 20081022

I am thankful for or that

  1. Having cereal and soy milk for breakfast.
  2. Free coffee at work.
  3. Money to buy coffee, a 9 volt battery for my e-stim machine, and razors on the way home.
  4. LEB for picking me up from work.
  5. Money to buy lunch.
  6. Being able to walk down the street to Subway.
  7. Our working laundry washing and drying machines.
  8. Free wireless internet at the Furman library.
  9. The Furman Sports Medicine Center.
  10. That all of the kids got home from school safely.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Washing and drying a load of clothes.
  2. Loading dishes into the dish washing machine.
  3. Going to sleep at a decent hour.
  4. Folding a load of clothes.
  5. Working hard during physical therapy.
  6. Icing my knee at work and at home.
  7. Using e-stim at work and at home.
  8. Encouraging the boys to do chores.
  9. Brushing my teeth 3+ times.
  10. Reading 10+ pages of a good book.

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