Gratitude Journal 20081020

I am thankful for or that

  1. The Furman Sports Medicine Center.
  2. My physical therapist, EB.
  3. Riding out to Furman w/ LEB.
  4. That as the husband of a Furman employee I get my therapy for a $20 copay instead of $40 copay per visit.
  5. Leftovers for dinner.
  6. Our working refrigerators and freezers.
  7. Electricity.
  8. GAB folding some clothes.
  9. GAB, CIB and MJB putting dishes away from the dishwasher.
  10. That our heating system works.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Working hard during physical therapy.
  2. Working diligently at my job.
  3. Focusing on health by taking my prescriptions.
  4. Focusing on health by icing my knee and doing e-stim.
  5. Being considerate by being ready to go when LEB got to my office.
  6. Consistently brushing my teeth before bed.
  7. Consistently washing at least one load of clothes a day.
  8. Focusing on health by going to sleep at a decent hour.
  9. Consistently keeping this journal.
  10. Consistently reading 10+ pages of a good book per day.

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