Gratitude Journal 20081014

I am thankful for or that

  1. A relatively quick visit with my orthopedist.
  2. Being able to walk to the Subway restaurant near my office without crutches.
  3. Being able to drive.
  4. Strossner’s Bakery.
  5. Cell phones.
  6. Having money to buy lunch.
  7. Having money to buy sun dried tomato bread from Strossner’s for dinner.
  8. The Daily Show.
  9. The Colbert Report.
  10. LEB cooking dinner.

I acknowledge myself for or that

  1. Being helpful by filling the dishwasher and running it.
  2. Making sure the kids did their jobs of unloading the dishwasher.
  3. Picking up GAB and her friend J from band practice.
  4. Being responsible by taking books back to the library on the way from J’s to home.
  5. Walking into the library myself.
  6. Focusing on health by doing my e-stim and ice at work.
  7. Focusing on health by taking my prescriptions.
  8. Consistently keeping this journal.
  9. Consistently reading 10+ pages of relevant non-fiction per day.
  10. Focusing on family by eating dinner together.

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