Gratitude Journal 20081010

I am thankful for or that

  1. My coworker, WDL, who covered my oncall duties while I was at Physical Therapy.
  2. EB my physical therapist.
  3. The Furman Sports Medicine Center.
  4. Walking with out crutches.
  5. The ice machine at work.
  6. That we haven’t used the air conditioning or heat at home in over a month!
  7. The smell of wet, fallen, autumn leaves on a crisp, sunny autumn day.
  8. LEB’s friend giving her a ride downtown from Furman.
  9. A cheap parking lot just a block from my office building.
  10. Being able to walk a block with one crutch.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Working hard in Physical Therapy.
  2. Being helpful and loading dishes into the dish washer.
  3. Consistently icing my knee.
  4. Using the e-stim device on my quads.
  5. Working diligently at my job.
  6. Patiently going through all the voice mails to find the phone numbers LEB needed.
  7. Focusing on health and going to sleep at a decent hour.
  8. Being frugal by eating left overs.
  9. Being responsible by making sure GAB had lunch money.
  10. Being responsible by confirming my PT appointments for next week.

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