Gratitude Journal 20081002

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB got home safely from her trip.
  2. LEB cooking dinner.
  3. Being able to drive w/ two feet since my right leg isn’t up to the job of braking right now.
  4. The Furman Sports Medicine Center and particularly the director Elaine Baker.
  5. High speed internet.
  6. Virtual Private Networking software.
  7. My colleagues WDL and RS.
  8. The Greenville Public Library.
  9. That the boys got home from school safely.
  10. GAB fixing my ice bags for me.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Doing exercises for my knee.
  2. Using the portable e-stim machine.
  3. Icing my knee.
  4. Working from home.
  5. Picking up GAB and her friend J from band practice.
  6. Having a plan for dinner.
  7. Putting my dirty clothes into the hampers.
  8. Making sure the dog was fed.
  9. Taking MJB to school.
  10. Helping LEB return her rental car.

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