Gratitude Journal 20080919

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB making coffee.
  2. A coffee travel mug I could close and carry by a finger even on my crutches.
  3. High speed internet.
  4. Virtual Private Networking.
  5. A sunny, cool and breezy autumn day.
  6. Our ceiling fan.
  7. Electricity.
  8. Wireless networking.
  9. LEB picking up GAB and some of her friends after the football game.
  10. Left overs for dinner.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Taking my prescriptions.
  2. Resting my knee as per doctor’s orders.
  3. Icing my knee.
  4. Using my crutches.
  5. Taking a nap.
  6. Washing my face and brushing my teeth.
  7. Asking for help when needed.
  8. Reading a book w/ MJB.
  9. Engaging CIB in conversation.
  10. Eating healthy foods.

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