Gratitude Journal 20090918

I am thankful for or that:

  1. LEB driving me to and from the hospital for my arthroscopic knee surgery.
  2. LEB taking a day off from work to care for me after surgery.
  3. All the help that GAB, CIB and MJB gave me yesteray.
  4. All of the medical personnel at St. Francis Hospital that took such good care of me.
  5. A cool, sunny autumn day.
  6. Trail mix.
  7. Ice.
  8. Low cost medical prescriptions thanks to our medical insurance and Walgreen’s Pharmacy.
  9. Left over beans and rice for dinner.
  10. Already having crutches.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Taking my prescriptions on schedule.
  2. Noticing I was getting queasy and taking anti-nausea medicine as needed.
  3. Followoing post-op instructions and icing my knee.
  4. Being ready on time for the trip to the hospital.
  5. Remembering to follow pre-op instructions and use anti-bacterial soap for my morning shower.
  6. Sleeping as needed instead of fighting sleep.
  7. Following pre-op instructions and having no food or drink after midnight of night before surgery.
  8. Following post-op instructions and eating lightly.
  9. Not drinking any alcoholic beverages.
  10. Brushing my teeth before bed.

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