Gratitude Journal 20080916

I am thankful for or that

  1. All the people who worked until midnight or later to restore power to our neighborhood.
  2. Candles.
  3. Flashlights.
  4. Batteries.
  5. A cool night.
  6. LEB making coffee in the morning.
  7. GAB, CIB and MJB getting home from school safely.
  8. Leftovers for dinner.
  9. Google.
  10. Electricity.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Being health focused and going to sleep at a decent hour.
  2. Being health focused by taking my prescriptions.
  3. Working persistently to solve network issues on some new servers for work.
  4. Being open to ask for help when required.
  5. Being consistent w/ washing a load of laundry a day.
  6. Being consistent making the bed every morning.
  7. Being health focused by drinking plenty of H2O every day.
  8. Remembering all my stuff that I take to work 🙂
  9. Taking a nap.
  10. Helping MJB find some warm clothes for a cool, rainy day.

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