Baby Steps Again!

“Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.” — Chinese Proverb

I have to remind myself I’m making progress. The gratitude journal I keep is a great way to do this. I may not be moving or changing as quickly as others would like me to do, but I am moving and changing. I am making progress.

I must continue to treat myself with kindness and respect. It’s hard sometimes. For instance, this morning as LEB and I were driving to work I took a path out of our neighborhood that I know generally has so much traffic that it is nigh impossible to make a left turn out of the neighborhood in the morning. I said, “This was stupid. I know better. I should have gone the other way!” Laura patted me on the hand as if to say everything was cool. I took a deep breath, turned right and took an alternate path. Everything is okay.


3 Responses to “Baby Steps Again!”

  1. Glad to see you back.

    I agree with that Proverb. One other quote which one of my teachers said was “There’s no one to compete with except yourself”

  2. @mysoul – I’m glad to be back. I went through some very trying times. Just couldn’t muster the energy to blog. It was like I forgot how helpful it is to express myself in this way. Thanks for the comment and additional quote!


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