Abundance Journal 20080910

I am thankful for or that

  1. I was able to work from home yesterday.
  2. That my team leader at work arranged for us to see a webinar on Solaris Zones.
  3. Left overs for dinner.
  4. My cell phone.
  5. That my boys walked home safely from school.
  6. That LEB was able to pick up GAB from band practice.
  7. Ice.
  8. Electricity.
  9. The laundry washing machine.
  10. The laundry drying machine.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Making pone calls that needed to be made.
  2. Working several help desk tickets.
  3. Asking questions of my team leader and manager to firm up the expected results of a project.
  4. Being helpful by washing a couple of loads of clothes.
  5. Being helpful by drying a couple of loads of clothes.
  6. Being helpful by folding a load of clothes.
  7. Being consistent with the publishing of this journal.
  8. Being health focused by stopping and icing my knee.
  9. Being health focused by going to bed at a decent hour.
  10. Being health focused by eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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