What Stops Me From Doing?

“I’m glad you’re getting out of your head and into your body, dear. That’s when you learn. Theory doesn’t mean a damn if you don’t actualize it.” — Joan Erikson in A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson

What stops me from doing? Why am I so often content to sit and read about someone else’s experience, or sit and watch someone else having an experience on TV? How can I take more action and create more experience for myself? Why do I hesitate? What made me so afraid of failure, rejection or simply looking silly? Where did the frozen perfectionist come from?

Now, I’m not absolutely frozen or immobile. It just seems that in some of the things where I think I would really like to take action, the things that mean the most to me, I am hesitant. Anyone got any better advice than, “Just do it!” That’s likely the key, but your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


3 Responses to “What Stops Me From Doing?”

  1. Possibly if you do not ‘do it’, you never have to worry about failing? Or perhaps not doing as well as you believe you should, or what others think you should do?

    From my pov, this is the only chance I have to try things and do things, so I usually try and do.

    I fail at many things, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Every once in while I find something I do well and enjoy too.

  2. I think you should not be afraid of failure. Or maybe we need to give the word a different name. Failure is only failure if you stop there or if you quit. However, if you learn from your failure then a failure becomes an opportunity. Just know that whatever action you take will give you an opportunity. You may not succeed at first but one thing for sure is that it will be an opportunity to learn, to improve, so go for it and discover the opportunity that awaits you!


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