Gratitude Journal 20080806

I am thankful for or that

  1. LEB fixed the mailbox.
  2. LEB and GAB helping me to move office stuff from the 4th bedroom to our unused dining room which is now the office.
  3. GAB crawling around under and behind the desk to hook up computer and other cables.
  4. LEB cooking a wonderful dinner of salmon w/ pineapple salsa, rice, asparagus and cuban bread.
  5. Mr. JD for giving GAB a ride to and from a church event.
  6. LEB for taking CIB and MJB to a toy store to get a new PS2 game.
  7. James Lee Burke for writing so beautifully even about disturbing things.
  8. A beautiful day.
  9. Clean water for showers, drinking, cooking, washing and ice.
  10. Ice whenever I want it!

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Helping as much as I could moving stuff to the new office room.
  2. Changing the sheets in the master bedroom.
  3. Washing a load of clothes.
  4. Going to sleep at a decent hour.
  5. Encouraging the kids to do some chores.
  6. Taking a shower.
  7. Shaving.
  8. Feeling sad, but doing stuff anyway.
  9. Recommending James Lee Burke books to Dad.
  10. Being in sympathy w/ LEB over Mr. PF’s death.

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