Now I have no work!

I have been overwhelmed with projects at work the last couple of weeks. I’ve been working as a consultant for Howard Systems International on a project for a client of IBM Global Services, BNSF Railroad. Today, with no warning what so ever, I was laid off after seven months. They said it had nothing to do with my performance, just that IBM is going through some “cost cutting exercises”. Apparently some other consultants w/ HSI got laid off from IBM-Honeywell and IBM-Delta this week, too.

This was as close to a dream job as I’ve ever had. I worked from home or any where I had a fast internet connection. I was making good money, $45/hr., which is crazy money for SC where the median income for a family of 4 is $30K/yr. If only it could have lasted another few months. Well, now I get to see if I really believe what I’ve been writing, reading and listening too. I heard Charlie “Tremendous” Jones quote General George S. Patton today,“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”

You see I had attempted to go full time in a 100% commission business in March of 2007. I had some success part time, but wasn’t making a lot of money, I was just burnt out on IT work. However, I didn’t at that time have the discipline to make that work. There is a lot of money to be maid in this business, in fact a new family achieves the six figure income level about every fourteen days, and a new millionaire is created about every 30 days.

I just didn’t make the calls and appointments. I didn’t see the people. I didn’t follow up. No follow up, no dough.

I spent my savings and racked up more debt until finally I gave in, retreated to the cow pastures and got what as I said I thought was a dream job. Things had gotten so desperate that our church paid our mortgage for a couple of months. That was bottom for me.

I felt like I was just getting back on my feet, I could see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. And now, the rug has been snatched out from under my feet again and it’s time to see how high and how quickly I can bounce.


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