Gratitude Journal 20080501

I am thankful for or that

  1. My cell phone.
  2. High speed internet.
  3. A nice neighborhood to walk in.
  4. A warm, sunny, Spring day.
  5. VMWare.
  6. VNC.
  7. Conference call lines.
  8. VPN.
  9. Food to cook for dinner.
  10. LEB reminding me gently that it was my turn to cook.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Being health focused and taking a walk.
  2. Being helpful by washing and drying several loads of clothes.
  3. Being helpful by cooking dinner.
  4. Being family oriented by eating dinner with the family.
  5. Being disciplined by staying on the cross-training confernce call for work for 4+ hours!
  6. Being health focused by taking my prescriptions.
  7. Being health focused by going to bed at a decent hour.
  8. Being disciplined by getting up at 0200 and starting a process for work.
  9. Being family oriented by helping settle minor disputes between Isaiah and Miles.
  10. Being helpful by feeding and watering the dog.

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