Quote of the Day 20080421

“There’s only one direction you can coast.” — Brian Tracy, Author

That direction is down, for example if you learn a language that is foreign to you and then coast along not using it, what happens to your skill and knowledge of that language? It declines. If you get in great shape, then stop exercising what happens? You lose muscle tone and begin to gain weight. Those are two simple examples, but examples that probably hit home with lots of people.

The question is why do people have a tendency to coast? I was listening to a an interview of Dr. Denis Waitley by Jerry Clark and one of the things he said was that people tend to coast when things are going well. They actually do their best work when things are not going well. In his own life, he wrote The Psychology of Winning at one of the worst times in his life and it is his best work.

How do you cope with the human tendency to coast?


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