Gratitude Journal 20080420

I am thankful for or that

  1. We could drive to Aiken to visit LEB’s brother from Portland, OR – CWT -, her parents, aunt and brother BST.
  2. CWT decided to take a a couple of days at the end of a business trip to Santiago, Chile to visit his parents in Aiken, SC.
  3. I filled up the tank of the van with E-85 the night before.
  4. I had money to put $50+ worth of E-85 in the van.
  5. The chance to sit and talk with LEB’s dad, mom, brother and LEB.
  6. The chance to watch basketball w/ LEB’s dad.
  7. A safe drive home from Aiken to Greenville.
  8. I bought a beef roast, which we took along w/ us to cook for everyone’s dinner.
  9. LEB for making muffins before we left at 0645.
  10. I seasoned the roast before we left.

I acknowledge myself for

  1. Being family oriented and going to Aiken to visit the in-laws.
  2. Being open to learning and advice from my father in law.
  3. Being relaxed enough to just chill and watch basketball.
  4. Being relaxed enough to sit out on the screen porch and just listen to the birds and the wind in the trees.
  5. Being helpful by cooking the roast for dinner.
  6. Being thoughtful of Grandma by bringing the roast.
  7. Being helpful by driving home.
  8. Being helpful by unloading the van.
  9. Being family oriented by listening to CIB talk about video games.
  10. Being OK with skipping working out in order to be with the family.

2 Comments to “Gratitude Journal 20080420”

  1. I think its amazing that you give thanks for things that happen in life. It truly makes me look at myself and want to look at life in such a thankful and gratuitous way.

  2. @Eduardo, I keep a gratitude journal to remind myself to be thankful for all the little things in life. I often find myself striving for some goal and missing out on appreciating what I already have. Note also that I don’t just give thanks for material things, but for all kinds of good things, people and situations in my life. Gratitude for all that we already have and are is the key to opening the flood gates of prosperity.

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